Clairissa Cruz

Beauty Business Coaching Website Development

Clairissa Cruz
Project type

The ask

Clairissa, a successful entrepreneur and owner of Bare Body Sugaring, came to us with the idea of wanting to launch a course to teach fellow beauty business owners (and aspiring owners) how to grow their businesses. If you know us at Alister, you know our main goal is helping people launch and grow their dream businesses so how could we say no to a project like this?

The Challenge

Being a beauty-based business and industry, the site needed to reflect Clairissa’s personal style and make it a serene experience for each potential client visiting the site all while converting clients and helping Clairissa help her clients launch hundreds of businesses across North America.  

Our Process 

Collaborating closely to create the ideal branding for the site, we developed numerous stylescapes to ensure we had the right look and feel for the site.
We incorporated a mix of texture, video and photo to develop a style that matched the aesthetic needed. We developed the site in Webflow and integrated her coaching platform on the backend to create a complete solution.