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The Ask

When Clearly Canadian, the sparkling water brand that brings back those nostalgic vibes, reached out to us at Alister Creative Agency, we were thrilled to join them on their mission. They wanted a fantastic video that would capture their brand ethos and ignite a sense of pride and connection among their amazing fan base. Their core message? Bold-flavored sparkling water sourced from the natural springs of Canada.

The Challenges

This project had its fair share of challenges, but we were determined to overcome them. Filming in the great Canadian outdoors meant facing unpredictable weather conditions and ever-changing scenery. One week, we were dealing with melting snow, and the next, we had to adapt to shifting seasons. But with our creative minds at work, we found innovative solutions to capture the beauty of Clearly Canadian amidst the breathtaking Canadian landscapes.

How We Shot It

Our adventure to bring Clearly Canadian's brand ethos to life was an exhilarating one. We embarked on a quest to showcase the stunning natural beauty of Canada, carefully curating scenes that would make hearts skip a beat. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the serene lakes of Ontario, we wanted to transport viewers to these remarkable places while featuring Clearly Canadian bottles in visually captivating ways.

Crafting this video was a labor of love. We meticulously composed each shot, aiming to create a magical connection between the sparkling water and the surrounding scenery. Our goal was to make you feel the emotions stirred by Clearly Canadian, as you sipped on their flavourful drinks and admired the awe-inspiring landscapes of Canada. We wanted the video to not only tell a story but also have an emotional connection.

How it Helped

The final video we created became a powerful tool for Clearly Canadian to share their brand identity and forge deep connections with their incredible audience. It effortlessly captured the essence of Canadiana, evoking a wave of nostalgia while showcasing the brand's commitment to quality and natural ingredients.

By placing the Clearly Canadian bottles amidst Canada's breathtaking landscapes, the video struck a chord with fans on a personal level. It became a rallying point for Clearly Canadian enthusiasts, reigniting their passion for the brand and the memories associated with it.

Thanks to its versatility, the video found its way into various aspects of Clearly Canadian's brand presence, from captivating tradeshows to their engaging website and digital campaigns. It served as a powerful reminder of Clearly Canadian's Canadiana spirit, reinforcing their special place in the hearts of their devoted followers.

A close up of condensation dripping on Clearly Canadian bottles.

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