Holistic Care Clinic Website Development

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The Ask

Zach & Luka were launching a holistic manual therapy clinic in Winnipeg and needed a site to help clients book appointments, learn about the practitioners and convey the family-oriented environment that they wanted their brand to represent.

The Challenge

Omnia already had a need to integrate the booking platform that they use internally throughout the site so that clients can select a specific practitioner or service they wanted. This was also a brand-new business, there was no existing brand or content so we needed to create all of it in tandem with the site.

Our Solution

Any of our new clients launching a new business from the ground up have a lot on their plate, so we think it’s important to provide as much of a turnkey solution as possible. They have other things to worry about than the website. Omnia didn’t have an existing site and no existing content so we worked in collaboration with Zach & Luka to determine their brand voice, value, and overall mission along with other elements of their new digital strategy. This drove the overall looks and feel of the site as well as all the copywriting and text we created for them as well. For a holistic clinic, it’s important to have a holistic solution.

What does all that work give us? A clean and elegant site that allows clients to easily book services, get directions to their appointment and contact them with any questions. The visual identity matches their physical location’s interior design and the overall branding is on point throughout the site, on social media, right down to the service a client receives when calling with a question.

Do you run a clinic and need marketing services?

From building (or rebuilding) your website to helping you be found on Google, to creating a promotional video for your clinic, the team here at Alister has the experience in what it takes to scale your clinic and provide you with a solution to the problem your facing. Curious about how we can help? Reach out to us with your needs and let’s discuss this further.