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GreenCrest Pharmacy
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The Ask

To create an accessible site for two pharmacies based on the same design that creates an easy and intuitive user experience for the pharmacy’s patients.

The Challenges

Ryan, the owner of GreenCrest Pharmacy and Exchange District Pharmacy in Winnipeg came to us in need of an updated website for both pharmacies, the existing sites were just a shell of what the site could be and offered limited functionality to patients visiting the site for information. 

Both sites had a long history of domain authority that needed to be maintained during a complete rebuild and needed a complete overhaul of the site search engine optimization (SEO).
It also interfaced with multiple different platforms from patient portals to prescription transfers and consent forms. 

How We Built It & Why

We built both sites to maintain the same functionality and general layout all while matching the specific branding that already existed for both pharmacies. The Exchange District location was a staple in a culture-rich neighbourhood downtown targeting young people and professionals while GreenCrest was an established pharmacy in a more suburban community that focused on families and a wide array of patient types.

We developed both sites in Webflow to facilitate client-led updates in the future without having to know how to code or manage complex web platforms. The overall design was visually engaging and appealing with a focus on clear user paths, easy to navigate and accessible for patients of all ages, demographics and abilities.

How it Helped

Both sites once launched saw an influx of traffic and users using all aspects of the new online platform, online services increased overall which sped up user flows and staff time to complete orders in the clinics.

Curious how we can help?

If you run and manage a pharmacy, clinic or any product or service in the healthcare sector and are looking for a web solution, the team here at Alister is ready to help. Our extensive knowledge of user experiences specific to your industry can help you cut down on wait times and staff workloads all while increasing the traffic to your website and in person to your clinic. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you develop and launch the platform you need.