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The Ask

When LocalStudent, a promising startup connecting homeowners with students for summer jobs, came to us at Alister Creative Agency, we were excited to help them revamp their brand and create unique websites for each service they offered. Their goal was clear: establish a consistent brand identity and boost their online presence to attract both homeowners in need of help and students seeking summer employment opportunities.

The Challenges

Throughout this project, we faced some interesting challenges. Our main task was to strike the perfect balance between a playful and trustworthy brand voice. We wanted to create a brand that spoke to both homeowners and students, conveying trustworthiness, reliability, and the benefits of hiring local students. It was like combining a reliable friend with a dash of fun.

Another challenge was designing distinct websites for each service while maintaining consistency across the board. We had to ensure that each website showcased the specific services while staying true to the overall brand identity we had established.

How We Built It

To meet our client's needs, we rolled up our sleeves and began by diving deep into research. We wanted to truly understand the target audience and the competitive landscape. This groundwork helped us craft a brand voice that resonated with homeowners and students alike.

Next, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy that embraced our playful yet trustworthy personality, something we knew would strike the right chord. We created a visually stunning brand identity with a modern logo, vibrant colour palette, and engaging visuals that captured attention and conveyed the spirit of LocalStudent. Our message highlighted the many advantages of hiring local students, like supporting the community and providing growth opportunities.

When it came to developing the websites, we wanted a platform that offered flexibility, efficiency, and powerful design capabilities. That's why we chose Webflow as our go-to tool. Webflow provided us with the perfect balance of creative freedom and seamless functionality.

One of the main reasons we opted for Webflow was its responsive design capabilities. With a growing number of users accessing websites on mobile devices, it was crucial for us to build websites that looked great on any screen size. Webflow allowed us to create responsive designs, ensuring that homeowners and students could easily navigate the websites, book services, and access essential information from their smartphones or tablets.

Additionally, Webflow's powerful CMS (Content Management System) made it a breeze for us to manage and update content across all the websites. This meant once completed the client could easily add new services, update pricing information, and make any necessary changes without hassle. This flexibility ensured that the websites remained up-to-date and relevant to the evolving needs of LocalStudent and its users.

How it Helped

The results were beyond our wildest dreams. Since launching the brand and websites, LocalStudent has experienced remarkable success. Our well-crafted brand identity and engaging websites attracted a flood of traffic to their platform. Thanks to our targeted Google Ads campaign, 5,000 visitors came to the website within the first month alone. And here's the best part: a whopping 1,500 of those visitors became qualified leads!

Our consistent branding instilled trust in homeowners seeking reliable and local help, while students were drawn to the exciting opportunities LocalStudent offered. The revamped brand and user-friendly websites effectively communicated the benefits of connecting with students for summer jobs, resulting in increased bookings and meaningful partnerships.

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